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Writer, journalist, digital marketeer.

After studying in Hertfordshire and working in London I have made my way over to sunny Melbourne for the next adventure. In need of copywriting, content writing or digital marketing support? Get in touch: stock.emmy@gmail.com

Country Life get mass complaints for anti-gay advert

Country Life magazine have been inundated with customer complaints on Twitter and Facebook for publishing a full page advertisement by anti same-sex marriage group Coalition for Marriage. Coalition for Marriage (C4M) are leading a campaign against the British government’s plans to allow same-sex marriages. Their website argues that same-sex marriages would produce ‘profound consequences.’ They believe ‘people's careers could be harmed’ and ask ‘If marriage is redefined once, what is to stop it

Calls to ban Baltic neo-Nazi marches

International petitions are being put together to urge the governments of Lithuania and Latvia to ban upcoming marches by neo-Nazis through their respective capitals. The "Legionnaires Day" march in Riga by Latvian war veterans who fought for the Nazis is due to take place on March 16. And on March 11, neo-Nazis will hold a parade in Vilnius on Lithuania's independence day. Monica Lowenberg, whose uncle was sent to the Riga Ghetto concentration camp when he was 19, is behind the petition to pe

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Call To Action

One of the buzz lines of marketing is ‘have a strong call to action’. But when it comes to Christmas – forget it Sending a Christmas card to your contacts is right on the border between business and personal.You really do not want to come off as someone who is making Christmas all about commerce! If there is something everyone resents, it is someone using Christmas to promote themselves. Your eCard is here to act as a breather from commerce, it is here to say- we are thinking of you, and we

Is Facebook Ruining Your Career Prospects?

We’ve spoken about the importance of your online presence when applying for jobs before. Check out our previous blog post on Optimising your Twitter. In this post we are discussing Facebook. Unlike Twitter or Linkedin which are used more professionally as they are both great for networking and sharing relevant industry news stories, Facebook tends to be a more personal social media channel, one you may want to keep away from potential employer’s eyes. It’s up to you how you use your social chan

The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Our journey to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is probably one of our most unforgettable and most chilling experiences. I admit that before my visit I really didn’t know what exactly happened in Cambodia. One of great things about travelling in learning about a country, its history, its people, its culture and learning about those events you should really know about but your education system and/or pop culture references have ignored. What happened in Cambodia is a tragedy caused by humans. During the K

Trekking through stunning Sapa in Northern Vietnam

Sapa is stunning and it knows it…. If you’re lucky enough to get a clear day when you head out to chiseled out rice fields on the plush green sapa mountains, you’ll probably be unable to stop taking pictures. We traveled to Sapa from Hanoi by train on a hard sleeper ticket. As it turns out hard sleeper is hard and our beds had probably a mm worth of padding. Though I think we were all in agreement that it was the fact that we were 4 hours late on an already 10 hour journey that made the hard s

3 'To Do List' Apps to help you get more from your day

‘To Do List’ Apps to help you get more from your day Getting the most from your week can be challenging, especially if you are juggling a lot. If you are finding it hard to manage your career and your own goals and ambitions then organisation is key. Thankfully in this day and age crumpled up pieces of paper, and post it notes stuck around your desk that are bound to fall off, don’t need to cut it anymore. Now we have a wealth of apps at our fingertips and in particular a pool of ‘to do list’ a

Is applying for jobs via Snapchat the future?

Is applying for jobs via Snapchat the future? The popular photo messaging app Snap Chat has now been used as a way to receive job applications by Irish pub Chain ‘Sober Lane’. This unusual method of reviewing potential candidates has received a ‘record number of applications’ according to the chain, with over 2,700 applicants going after the 20 jobs available. Could Snapchat be an innovative new way to seek future employers? Snapchat was launched back in 2011, using the app users can take phot

The Best Workplace Incentives

What Are The Best Workplace Incentives? Would you like free food at work? Or perhaps some compulsory beach days throughout the year? Would incentives like these encourage your work efforts? Rewards and incentives are beneficial to both employees and employers. What employer wouldn’t want their staff to strive and encourage each other in a pleasant working environment? However, the tricky part with workplace incentives is knowing what incentives your employees want. To inspire you, we’ve poste

4 Points to Putting Social Media into Perspective

With pictures of cats going up online quicker than their host’s bounce rate it’s difficult to know how you can really get the most out of social media and reach your audience. Croud’s Social Media Manager, Emma gives her top 4 points to put social media into a bit of perspective. A man walks into a Juice Bar… A few months back when I was speaking to SMB owners at a Google Juice Bar, I met a man who a owned a very niche and specialist boating software business. He asked me why he wasn’t get

How Croud Lead in 2013

2013 was an exceptionally busy year for us here at Croud HQ. In a year which saw digital marketing once again push the boundaries of tech and ever more innovative campaigns, Croud became a leading search agency, providing an unrivalled service to clients. In just a year we have gained some fantastic new clients, brought in even more top talent and opened up an office in another hemisphere all together We figured that a big block of text won’t do it all justice, so after a few short words from C